• Giveaway: Forestdoll x Kiwiberry end: 29 February

    Hello everyone! :)

    I'm back with another giveaway sponsored by the very generous Kiwiberry.

    The winner will receive:
    Giveaway package:

    •  1 pair lens (of winners choice)
    •  1 box of lashes (randomly chosen by our staff) 10 PAIRS! (Wow)
    •  1 exclusive 50% discount code to shop at kiwiberry1-collection.com (code will be sent to winner via email. (code will be sent to winner via email. Expires in 6 months after winner receives code/one time use)

    Here are some of the lashes that you may win, you cannot choose which but all the lashes are nice *u*

    I beg you guys, please watch out for announcements!
    I have posted the winners names for the past giveaways and still people keep on asking who won.
    I will post the winner on my twitter (@forestdoll), so please check my twitter and if you want, you can follow me there. And I will also place the name in this post when the contest is done. And if the winner will not reply within 2 days, I will choose another one.

    The giveaway will end on 02/29/2012.

    And also a note for everyone, I will immediately disqualify anyone who did not do the 4 mandatory options. :) And please do fill in the entries correctly.



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